Should the Case go to Court? Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Dodge, WI for Help and Advice

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Family Law

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Divorce courts work under the same rules as other courts, but the rules prevent the proper solving of some disputes. Divorcing couples can sometimes achieve better outcomes by using a collaborative approach or by going through a mediator. However, in some instances, the traditional court setting is the right choice.

Working on a Solution as a Team

Divorcing spouses and a Divorce Lawyer in Dodge, WI area can work together on matters of debt and asset division, spousal support, and childrearing. For some, reaching a settlement will be so simple that it can be done in one sitting. However, others can reduce stress levels by accomplishing these tasks in several meetings.


In contentious divorce cases, mediation may be a viable option. Here, the couple meets with a mediator who guides the process of agreement on debt, assets, support, and custody.

Where Court is the Right Choice

All of the above options are good in most cases, but real life is often messy. By circumstance or by personality conflict, some couples seem destined to slog it out in court. Some of these situations are described below.

     *     Combative lawyers: It can be hard to resolve a case outside court if a spouse’s

     *     Divorce Lawyer in Dodge WI

     *     He has convinced them that non-litigious approaches won’t produce an amenable agreement. If a spouse hires such an attorney, the other spouse is at risk of spending significant time and money in court.

     *     Bullying spouses: It is difficult to use non-combative alternatives if a spouse has a history of abuse or intimidation. Trying to negotiate solo can be unproductive, and the likelihood of an unfair settlement offer is high.

     *     A lack of good faith: It’s rare, but it does happen-;a spouse tries to hide assets or play other tricks. Behavior such as this often arises when a spouse genuinely hates the other person or is having an affair. Some spouses become so hurt by the idea of a divorce that revenge is their sole goal or money becomes their motivator.

Divorce isn’t easy even under the best of circumstances. Dealing with a combative or dishonest spouse can make the process even more difficult. Keeping the case out of court is the optimal solution, but if circumstances dictate otherwise, a Divorce Lawyer in Dodge WI, can protect a client’s rights and their future.

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