Seeking Malpractice Justice If You Have Been the Victim of Negligence

by | Mar 1, 2013 | Law

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Malpractice is hard to prove, but it can be done if you keep good records and hire great medical malpractice lawyers Lubbock TX professionals to be by your side. These attorneys will be up to date on the latest laws and regulations, so they will be one step ahead of the insurance companies. It is your attorney’s job to secure damages for the pain and suffering you have been caused by a physician’s negligence. If the doctor is negligent by causing death, then the attorney will fight for the loved ones of the deceased patient. These types of claims are very complex, and they can be long and drawn out if litigation is needed.

Two Types of Medical Malpractice Damages You Are Able to Seek

There are two main types of damage that medical malpractice victims can fight for. These include both punitive and compensatory damages. Compensatory damages give victims financial compensation for their own personal damages or financial losses that have occurred as a direct result of the accident. This could include past and future medical charges, money for pain and suffering, or compensation for disfigurement, deformity or therapy. Punitive damages are paid for the principle of it. These damages are designed to make the doctor pay for what they did to you. Even though the plaintiff receives the award, these damages are meant to act as a punishment to the defendant so that they will be deterred from making the same mistake again. These damages are much more difficult to recover, because your attorney will have to prove that the doctor was reckless without question, and that is often hard to do.

Filing Your Case Before the Statute of Limitations Expires

Medical malpractice attorneys always have to be vigilant where statutes of limitation laws are concerned. These are basically laws that stipulate how much time a person has to file a medical malpractice claim after the event has occurred. This length of time is different from state to state, but most states have a 2 year limit. If the deadline is missed, then the court will not allow the case to be filed and the patient will be out of luck. It is very important to get these cases filed as soon as possible after the event has occurred. Many malpractice attorneys will work on contingency, but you will need to find someone who can really represent your interests well. It is important to ask how their fees work before you contact them, because some attorneys refuse to work on contingency. However, a contingency lawyer is the way to go with one of these cases, because there can be a lot of time and work involved.


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