Scottsdale, AZ, Bail Bondsmen Keep it Simple With Credit Card Bail Bonds

Credit card bail bonds Scottsdale AZ grow in popularity and availability every day, fast becoming the new norm. How does a credit card bail bond actually work? Here’s your quick guide covering basics.

Credit Card Bail When Cash is Tight

To post bail you have to pay at least 10 percent of the total amount. This guarantees your appearance in court at a later date. If you can’t post bail, a bail bondsmen can help you do so, providing you have qualifying collateral.

Collateral serves as a form of repayment to the bondsman if you fail to appear. Bondsmen accept all kinds of collateral, including firearms, jewelry, electronics, real estate and cars. You then have the option of paying the remaining portion of your bail’s 10-percent with either cash or a credit card.

In addition, you can also use your credit card as a form of collateral, depending on the specific bond agent offering credit card bail bonds Scottsdale AZ. Although called a credit card bail bond, the bond agent merely takes your credit card payment and presents it as a cash bond to the court.

Flexible Financing Makes Bail Bonds Even Easier

Bond agents’ fees vary, but they’re usually about 10 percent for state charges and 15 percent for a bail bond that is federal. The fee is nonrefundable and compensates the bond agent for their services. If you can’t afford the bond agent’s fee for credit card bail bonds Scottsdale AZ, you can arrange a payment plan if you qualify. The plan lets you pay the fee in installments to ease the financial burden.

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