Roofing Accidents May Require an Accident Lawyer in Brainerd

Construction work is hard and dangerous work. According to OSHA, ten percent of construction workers can expect to be injured on the job at some point in their careers. Roof collapses are one of the largest sources for fatal or debilitating injuries on construction sites. These events take place when some structural deficiency causes the entire roof to cave in, and sometimes even the ceiling.

Workers compensation is available for injured workers, but the payments are often not enough to cover lost wages and high medical bills. Roof collapses cause devastating injuries, with the worst being brain and spine issues. These are expensive to treat and essentially end the worker’s construction career. The situation is even worse in the case of death as a family has to deal with the loss of a loved one and the financial devastation from losing them.

These cases can be difficult to prove negligence. An Accident Lawyer Brainerd needs to prove that a roof was not constructed properly, and this may require knowledge about all of the subcontractors who may have worked on the construction project. Workers compensation will require through documentation and it can take a long time to get sorted out before payments can even start. It is vital to speak with someone who knows the complexities of personal injury law and workers compensation laws.

However, owners must be careful as well to make sure that they aren’t at the end of a lawsuit. The first step is to make sure that all roofs are built to standards and that no one cuts corners. This may mean a little extra supervision of subcontractors. It is recommended that roofs are inspected when complete and that everything is documented. This will make any possible need of defense more favorable for the owner. Accidents do happen, and sometimes they really are freak occurrences.

No one wins when a roof accident occurs. It affects the victim and coworkers. The project owner must deal with a possible lawsuit. Construction is delayed and this stops paychecks for the other workers. The legal system will have to tangle it out, so it is best to be educated about the process and to have a good professional on your side.

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