Reviewing Vital Details with Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Honolulu

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Auto Accident Attorney

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In Hawaii, laws apply to motorcycle riders that are enforced to keep them safe on the road. However, these laws don’t prevent unforeseen possibilities. In the event that a motorcycle rider is involved in an accident, the odds of a serious injury increase. Motorcycle accident attorneys in Honolulu, assist these riders and their families in the event that serious or fatal injuries are sustained.

Evaluating Helmet Laws
When evaluating concepts such as comparative fault, a defendant in a lawsuit may use helmet laws against the victim. If the victim failed to comply with laws that apply to wearing protective gear, they could be just as at fault for their injuries as the responsible driver. For this reason, all motorcycle riders must comply with the law and wear helmets at all times when operating their motorcycle.

Reviewing Moving Violations
The most common moving violations associated with motorcycle riders is lane splitting. This violation involves riding the motorcycle between lanes while other vehicles are in operation. The major issue with this violation is that it increases the probability of an accident. Vehicle drivers around the motorcycle may face difficulty in seeing the rider. They could fall behind into a blind spot and an accident is almost certain.

Identifying Traumatic Brain Injuries
Motorcycle riders are at a higher risk for traumatic brain injuries. The speed at which the vehicle is traveling when it collides with the motorcycle determines if a brain injury is produced. When fault is determined for these injuries, the court must evaluate this speed. If the driver was traveling at a rate higher than the speed limit, they are liable due to this traffic violation.

If traumatic brain injury is produced, the future care of the victim is considered. The total value of wages they stand to lose due to their current condition is also calculated and added to the settlement. To acquire this monetary awards, the victim must prove that the other driver was at fault without question.
In Hawaii, motorcycle accident victims are likely to sustain serious injuries. These odds are increased if they fail to comply with helmet laws. Victims who need to speak to motorcycle accident attorneys in Honolulu, should visit today for more information.

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