Reasons You Should Hire a Disability Lawyer in Missouri

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Attorney

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If you have suddenly become disabled and unable to work for a living, hiring a disability lawyer in Missouri should be the top item on your to do list. While it is possible to file for disability payments on your own, it is recommended that you retain a reputable lawyer, because nine times out of ten, people are denied when they apply for disability the first time around. If you aren’t sure whether you should hire a disability lawyer to help with your case, read on below for a few of the reasons why you should hire one without delay.

Most Disability Apps are denied

It is estimated that over 50% of disability applications are denied. A reputable lawyer can help you with your case and file again for you if you are denied the first time.

Many Cases are denied for Technical Reasons

Many disability cases are denied for various technical reasons. These reasons usually have little to do with the medical part of the application. Applicants are often denied for minor reasons such as incomplete paperwork before the application ever even gets to an adjudicator for the claim to be decided. An experienced lawyer will help you to do the paperwork and get it filed in time, so that you aren’t denied for missing important deadlines.

Disability Attorneys are Effective

It has been proven that most disability lawyers have a very high success rate when it comes to going to court on a disability case. It makes more sense to hire a disability lawyer than it does to risk being denied and having to reapply over and over again. If you want to get your disability, it’s best to do things right the first time. Your livelihood is at stake, and you don’t want to have to wait any longer than what is absolutely necessary to bring money into your home.

Peace of Mind

Hiring a disability lawyer will do a lot towards helping with your peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about things like deadlines, paperwork, and other things that a lawyer is better qualified to handle. These are just a few of the reasons that you might want to hire a disability lawyer to handle your case for you. From giving you peace of mind to helping with the paperwork and deadlines, hiring a disability attorney just makes good common sense.

If you are considering hiring a disability lawyer in Missouri, make sure to check out the professionals at the Grundy Disability Group. They are standing by to take your call today.

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