Reasons Why You Might Consider Using A Disability Lawyer

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Attorney

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A disability lawyer in Aurora is a legal professional who focuses his or her practice on Social Security disability claims. The lawyer provides invaluable assistance when the individual is first applying for benefits as well as those whose application was denied.

Social Security is something that few people pay any attention to until such time as they have reached retirement age or they suffer a physical or mental disability. Applying for retirement benefits is straight forward but the same cannot be said when applying for disability benefits, the application process can be frustrating and complicated, this is why many applicants turn to a disability lawyer in Aurora. As those who do have a debilitating physical or mental disability it can be very difficult to cope with the demands of the process, hiring a seasoned disability lawyer can prove to be an excellent idea.

Although it may be possible for the disabled individual to make the initial application for benefits, trying to defend the application should it be denied is something all together different, and unfortunately; the greatest majority of applications are denied. Although it is strictly the applicant’s decision when or even if he or she will hire a lawyer, if the initial application is denied there is no doubt that having a lawyer to guide and assist during the appeals process can prove to be very beneficial.

When an application for benefits is denied the applicant is faced with a number of appeal levels, the first of which is reconsideration, if that fails it goes to a hearing and then to the appeals council. Although it would rarely happen, if these appeals fail it is possible to sue the Social Security Administration in court. With the complexity of these appeals there is little doubt that it is in the best interest of the applicant to be represented by a disability lawyer in Aurora.

Prior to choosing a disability lawyer you should consider the following factors:
   *   Reliability and skill in all aspects of claims against the Social Security Administration
   *   Provide assistance when preparing the initial application including submission of all relevant supporting documents
   *   You will want a lawyer that you feel comfortable working with, your lawyer should have connections to expert witnesses should it become necessary
   *   As there is a particular criteria for handling claims for disability use a lawyer that has dealt with claims not unlike yours

It can be a long drawn out process when one applies for Social Security disability benefits, failing to provide precisely what the SSA wants can cause unnecessary delays and even denial; having a disability lawyer in Aurora is in your best interest.

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