Reasons to Seek the Services of a Nursing Home Lawyer

A Nursing Home Lawyer practices in a specialized area of elder law, and can help with several situations. This type of legal counsel can offer services before a loved one enters any type of facility, provide support during the stay, and even help with issues that arise when the loved one is no longer in residence. Here are a few examples of what this type of lawyer can provide.

Evaluating the Terms of the Contract

Before the loved one can be admitted as a resident to the nursing home, there is the matter of signing a contract. For the most part, the contract will be composed of a standard boilerplate. The thing that family members must remember is that there may be terms and conditions added to those basics. By having the agreement checked out by a nursing home lawyer before anything is signed, it is easier to make sure there is no misunderstanding about the rights and responsibilities of each party to that contract.

Issues of Neglect

If there is any reason to believe that the loved one is being subjected to neglect or abuse in the nursing home, the lawyer will know how to conduct a discreet investigation. Depending on what evidence is uncovered, the lawyer can then advise the family of what types of legal action can ensue. This includes seeking some sort of settlement for damages and having the contract declared null and void. Depending on the severity of the neglect, the lawyer can also help make arrangements to have the loved one removed and settled into a different facility.

Pursuing the Case

Once the loved one is no longer in any danger of neglect, the lawyer can seek to secure some sort of judgment against the offending facility. If criminal charges are appropriate, they can be pursued along with a civil case. Along with helping to protect the rights of the loved one, taking these actions will also help minimize the opportunity for others to be subjected to the same abuse in the future.

For anyone who needs help with understanding the essentials of elder law, contact Mark Aberasturi today. After the first consultation, it will be much easier to know how to proceed and ensure that the rights of the elderly loved one are protected at all times.

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