Reasons to Call on a Car Accident Lawyer, Hire a Professional in Charlotte

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Law

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Every state allows you to handle any automobile accident case without the help of a car accident lawyer. You are free to negotiate personally with the insurance company. However, Charlotte residents should be aware that hiring an attorney could be beneficial, even if you believe your case is going to be easy to win.


Even if you know that the other motorist was at fault, you still have to prove that they were. Most insurance companies are going to work with their client so that the company doesn’t have to pay as much restitution. Therefore, they may try to raise a variety of issues and points that aren’t relevant so that your claim is denied.

An attorney protects you because they investigate every angle that the insurance company lawyers can take. They make it a point to throw out impertinent facts that don’t relate to the case and may also bring up pertinent negative information about the other motorist involved to try to prove your case.


In most cases, auto accident cases rarely see the inside of a courtroom. Most insurance companies want to settle out of court because it means less negative publicity for them. Therefore, it could be best to hire an attorney, as they can negotiate better terms knowing that the other party’s insurance doesn’t want to go to court.

Learn What’s Fair

The goal isn’t for you to get rich because of your accident. Most attorneys discuss what is fair based on your specific issues and medical problems. That way, you know what to expect, and the insurance pays a reasonable offer.

A car accident lawyer focuses on getting you the most money from your settlement and ensures a quick turnaround. Visit Hunter & Everage in Charlotte at website to learn what personal injury cases they take.

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