Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer in St. Peters, MO

by | May 18, 2018 | Attorney

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In Missouri, divorce cases require the couple to follow specific guidelines that outline the proceedings. The laws require the couple to address marital property division, child custody and debts. The couple makes decisions about child support too. A divorce lawyer in St. Peters, MO can guide the couple through the proceedings and offer advice.

How Are Divorces Managed in No-Fault States?

The divorce petitioners are limited to irreconcilable differences and do not need to present evidence of fault-based grounds. The petitioner files for a divorce with the court. The defendant must sign the agreement and accept the terms or contest the divorce. The only exception allowed in a no-fault state is when domestic violence has occurred, and a criminal case is connected to the divorce case.

Are There Residency Requirements in Missouri?

Yes, the petitioner must live in the state for at least ninety days before filing for a divorce. They prove their residency by providing a copy of their new Missouri driver’s license or by providing a copy of a rental agreement.

What Factors Affect Marital Property Division?

Properties that were inherited from family aren’t included in the marital assets. Typically, properties that were procured before the marriage aren’t considered marital property always. Any assets that are included in a prenuptial agreement are divided according to the terms of the agreement. Some assets are provided instead of alimony or sold to accumulate funds to pay off joint debts.

What Are Parenting Plans in Military Divorces and Why Are They Needed?

Active-duty military members are required to set up a parenting plan if they receive primary custody. The plan identifies another family member who manages care for the children during deployments and training requirements. Typically, the family member is a grandparent.

In Missouri, divorce cases involve the division of all marital property based on local laws. The couple must set up a plan for child custody and support. Whenever possible, the couple must agree when separating their lives. If they can’t, mediation or a divorce trial is needed. Couples who need answers about a divorce should contact a divorce lawyer in St. Peters, MO. Learn more about us now.

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