Pursuing Veterans Benefits After an Injury or Illness in North Carolina

As an active or former member of the military, you paid into a disability fund that is not available to civilians. Only people who have served in any of the five branches of the military can lay claim to these entitlements.

However, the application process for them can be just as stringent, if not even more so, than applying for civilian Social Security disability. By hiring a veterans benefits attorney in North Carolina, applicants like you could improve your chances of being approved quicker.

Making Your First Application

By retaining a veterans benefits attorney in North Carolina, clients like you can launch your first application successfully. The actual court appearance is preceded by a host of paperwork that has to be completely filled out and submitted to the court’s clerk. Proof of your identity, address, rank, income, and other details have to accompany these documents before your case will be scheduled in the court docket.

It can take time and effort to complete these documents successfully on your own. Rather than attempt to handle any of it alone, you can get the paperwork submitted faster by hiring a lawyer to finish it for you.

You and your attorney can then appear in court on your scheduled date. You can make a formal argument for why you should receive these benefits.

Launching an Appeal

If the judge does not decide in your favor the first time, you have the option of making an appeal to the court. You can ask the court to reconsider your case and the arguments that you presented the first time. You can also submit more paperwork that could convince the judge to decide in your favor.

You can find out more about hiring a VA benefits attorney online. Contact Jackson & MacNichol today to request more information.

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