Pursuing Litigation in Israel Out of Court

by | Jul 22, 2013 | Attorney

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For many disputes that fall under business and commercial law, arbitration offers a simplistic, cost-effective solution that removes much of the hassle experienced during trial proceedings. Parties pursuing litigation in Israel may find that the benefits of arbitration outweigh those offered through trial. If you’ve found yourself in the middle of a business-related discrepancy and would prefer to resolve the matter efficiently and without enduring time-consuming legal proceedings, a qualified litigation attorney in Israel may be able to assist you.

Swift, Fair Resolutions
Arbitrators perform many of the same functions as courtroom judges, including taking oaths and abiding by similar principles and legal procedures. However, arbitrations in general are far less formal, and when successful, tend to garner speedier and more satisfying results. Certain cases require mandatory arbitration to resolve a legal matter, while other parties opt for it in place of standard trial proceedings. Depending on the preferences of the parties involved, one or more arbitrators will examine the evidence and hear both sides of the issue from the point of view of the two parties. In addition to fulfilling the role of a qualified legal representative in a court of law, many attorneys act as arbitrators as well.

Beneficial Alternatives
While many cases end up going to trial even after arbitration, the advantages of successfully settling out of court are too great to ignore. As in many other countries, plaintiffs pursuing litigation in Israel are forced to bear the financial brunt of court fees. Depending on the circumstances of the claim, court costs can be fairly hefty. By requiring a manageable fee from both the plaintiff and defendant, arbitrators even out the playing field. Another benefit of arbitration is the amount of time both parties save by settling civilly and out of court. Even lengthier out of court settlements are usually significantly shorter than typical trial proceedings.

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