Order of Protection Lawyer in Long Island – A General Overview

by | Feb 11, 2013 | Lawyers

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Have you filed a restraining order case recently? If the answer is yes then it is better you know everything about the order. Restraining order is also referred to as order of protection, which is a legal procedure and states a person to refrain or as well do few acts. However, when the person refuses to abide by the law, he/she is likely to face criminal charges or penalties. While fighting the case, an Order of Protection lawyer in Long Island can help.

A brief overview of Order of Protection

A person who is suffering harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, etc usually files restraining order. Such orders are usually problematic to acquire as it restricts the person’s freedom to move anywhere as he/she likes. Therefore, the court never grants restraining order to the person who never poses threat. Basically, there are two forms of Order of Protection, which are described below in brief.

Classification of restraining order

* Temporary Restraining Order: As the term Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) signifies, it is usually granted for short duration. TRO is granted to a person if there are any emergency requirements. Such orders are given to relax a person immediately from any violence or threaten. As such orders are for immediate relief, it can be granted to a person without any court proceeding. Later on, the judge can review the facts accordingly.

* Permanent Restraining Order: Permanent Restraining Order (PRO) is basically a long-term procedure. These orders are granted if an individual wishes to change his/her orders into permanent ones. Under this form of order, hearings and notices, both are required. Generally, such procedures are valid for 3 years and as well are likely to be renewed. Evidences make the judge to decide if temporary ones can be transformed into a permanent field.

Other forms

Civil Harassment Restraining Order can be acquired against colleague, non-relatives etc. Even such orders can be acquired if you have any complain against your former employer or colleague or any other. Besides there is Domestic Violence Restraining Order, which states that you can file the case against, people related to you. Therefore, you can choose the one as per your requirements.

Who eligible are to apply

Although laws differ from one state to another, yet general rule specifies that you need to be in relationship with the person. For example, your spouse, child, cousin etc and this is known as domestic restriction violence. For others, you can go with Civil Harassment Order. Hence, you now have opportunities to stop violence against those who are evil against you.

How to find a good Order of Protection lawyer

In order to find a reliable Order of Protection lawyer in Long Island, there are many things to be considered. While searching online directories, you can get whole details of a lawyer. Compare among listed lawyers in terms of experience, price, success stories etc. All such things would help you to find the best Order of Protection lawyer to defend your case.

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