Notary for Divorce in Lancaster, PA

by | Oct 12, 2012 | Lawyers

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If you haven’t hired any lawyer to complete your divorce documents you should consider working with a certified notary public to settle the matter. Notary publics are easy to find and work with. Almost every state has a number of banks, law firms, insurances companies, and offices that are engrossed in serving their clients in their family matters, including preparing divorce paper, birth certificate, power of attorney, and real estate. To begin with, you should discuss everything with your spouse. If there is no dispute on the custody of the children, you should take the help of a qualified notary in Lancaster PA in order to submit your divorce request to the local court of family law.

Here are some steps that you need to follow to validate yourself an authentic party to the divorce case.

Collect all possible documents related with the case and attach certificates with the application so that notary can take your case to the next level. The notary of Lancaster, PA will evaluate your paperwork for the accuracy and validity. In other words, first step is all about getting your divorce paper notarized by a public officer. Getting divorce paper is very easy; you can get it from the bank or from any law firm for few bucks. If you want to sign in the presence of a notary you should take your spouse along with you to his office. Both of you will sign paper together when he is present in the office.

There is a notary block on the divorce paper that can be seen at the end of the document. On this part, your notary of Lancaster, PA should give his signature to validate the proof of divorce. Sometimes you have to get his sign on different papers including financial affidavit and divorce complaints. Before signing on any paper, notary should look into the content to certify that everything is correct and valid.

Don’t forget to take your proof of identity when you plan to visit a notary in Lancaster, PA. He will be asking you to show your driver’s license, personal ID cards, passports, and state-issued photo or anything related to your personal identification will be considered by him for evaluation.

Next step is signing the paper with your spouse. The notary will review that your papers are complete to proceed further. He will ask you to sign the divorce paper and ensure that you know what you are doing. And you are very sure about your decision. You have to make him believe that there is no other party involved in the decision except you and your wife. Nobody is forcing you for it and you are doing it with own will, predilection, and desire. At this point, you have to sign away all property rights and relinquish custody of your children. He will check the papers that you have signed and would let you know if there is anything left to sign or inspect.

At the end, notary of Lancaster, PA will sign the paper and certify that all documents are valid and authentic. He has witnessed you and your wife signing the divorce paper and a transaction will be displayed by him with an official logbook. Date and time of divorce would also be mentioned in the signature.

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