Managing an Appeal with a Social Security Attorney

In Oklahoma, disability claimants may receive a denial of benefits based on certain conditions. The Social Security Administration may render a decision about eligibility based on the guidelines outlined in the laws. These laws define eligibility and the reasons why the SSA can deny a claim. The following are details about how a Social Security attorney manages an appeal.

What to Do When a Claim Is Denied?

Any claimant denied social security disability benefits may discuss these matters with an attorney. The attorney reviews their application and any documentation provided by the SSA and determine if it is feasible to file an appeal to acquire a re-evaluation of their case. However, they may also determine that a lawsuit is more fruitful. The attorney provides guidance on these matters and allows the claimant to make a choice.

Preparing for an Appeal

The attorney needs all medical documentation and records for the claim to prepare for the appeal. They may require the claimant to follow additional steps in preparation. In most cases, the SSA requires the claimant to visit their doctors to evaluate their condition. In most cases, these doctors don’t possess the correct credentials to identify these conditions.

The Second Opinion

If the claimant doesn’t possess recent medical records of their condition, the attorney may require them to acquire a second opinion. This additional assessment provides further clarity about their condition. This gives them the additional evidence they need to support their original doctor’s assessment. This second opinion could discredit the SSA’s review.

What to Expect During the Appeal

The appeal allows them to meet with a judge who reviews their case. The judge evaluates all documentation provided in the new claim. They determine if the original assessment by the SSA’s doctors reflects any unethical practices. The judge provides a final decision about the claim.

In Oklahoma, disability claimants may be denied benefits after the first application. Due to the high volume of denials, claimants have the opportunity to file an appeal. These appeals allow them to acquire a new assessment of their case. Claimants who need an appeal contact a Social Security attorney by visiting today.

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