Legal Representation Can Help Strengthen Your Va Disability Appeal

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Attorney

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Although you can appeal the denial of your veterans disability benefits for any reason, the three most common reasons as reported by the VAA are:

  *  The degree of disability
  *  Dispute over whether the disability is service related or not, and
  *  Dispute over a disability in the first place

How to make an appeal:

It is always wise to discuss your specific situation with veterans affairs lawyers in Virginia. If they agree that you should appeal they can help and guide you, ensuring that you provide enough evidence to support your claim. There is no reason for your appeal to focus on areas where there is agreement between you and the VA, focus on only what you disagree with.

You can make your initial appeal with your local VA office; you can provide additional evidence at this time. If the local office still will not agree and approve your claim you can then appeal directly with the Board of Appeals in Washington, DC.

The system is very strict. If the new evidence that you have is to be directed to the Board of Appeals then this must be specified otherwise there is a very good chance it will end up back in the local office which only causes more delay again. Never try to introduce evidence that will support a new disability claim, when you appeal you must address only the decision on your open claim.

It is a good idea to hire a lawyer:

It has been shown that those who applied for disability on their own, without any professional guidance were less likely t get approval. The VA demands a great deal of detailed information, both medical and technical to support your claim. Veterans benefits lawyers in Virginia are aware of what has to be provided and they know that providing the information correctly, and in a timely manner, can speed up approval of your claim.

Veterans benefits lawyers in Virginia can help with your claim for benefits and any appeal. You are invited to discuss your situation with Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices.

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