Legal Family Matters

Family members are some of the most important people in your life. You laugh with them, cry with them and grow with them. Unfortunately, sometimes family circumstances change, creating family controversy that requires legal assistance. There are many family events that occur that should prompt you to hire a qualified attorney to represent your case in court.

One of the most common family issues that need legal counsel is divorce. Divorce can be devastating, but it’s even more difficult if children are involved in the process. Legal decisions will be made regarding child custody, child visitation and child support. Decisions will be made with the best interest of the child in mind. Custody laws vary by state; when fighting a custody battle in Florida, you should hire an attorney experienced with Florida family laws. Decisions will also be made regarding division of the couple’s assets and debt as well as spousal support, which are all covered under Florida family law.

Other family situations that may require legal counsel include marriage annulment, paternity issues and prenuptial agreements. Marriage annulments can be completed under certain circumstances before the marriage reaches a certain length of time. Paternity issues must involve doctors and labs, as well as legal counsels. Prenuptial agreements are put in place to ensure an individual’s assets before entering into marriage arrangements. These are just a few of the family situations covered by Florida family laws.

Florida family law cases can be handled in several different ways. Two of the most popular are mediation and trial. Mediation involves the parties, their lawyers and a third-party court mediator. The goal of mediation is to reach decisions regarding all legal family issues without appearing before a judge. However, sometimes trial is necessary if the involved parties can’t reach a happy medium in mediation. Trials are emotionally grueling and require the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Family situations are emotionally challenging and legally complex. A qualified attorney can help you choose the right path for you and your family. He or she will ensure you receive fair treatment throughout the entire legal process, and push for an agreement that best suits your needs and wishes. There are many Florida law firms that employ attorneys experienced in Florida family law; they can assist you with all your family legal needs.


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