Laws That Apply To Dog Bite Injuries In Brooklyn, NY

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Lawyers

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In New York, pet owners are liable for injuries produced during a dog attack. The state imposes a strict liability in these cases that exceed the one bite ruling. Dog Bite Injuries in Brooklyn NY area warrant the need for a formal claim.

Previous Knowledge of Attacks

Any dog involved in an attack previously is classified as a dangerous animal. However, the term dangerous applies only if the dog attack was unjustified or if they were identified as dangerous in a prior case. Pet owners who had previous knowledge of risks to the public are held at a strict liability.

What is Quarantine for Animals?

After a dog bite is reported to a doctor or medical center, the doctor files a report with animal control. The animal control officer issues an order for quarantine. This order requires the pet owner to take the dog to a vet for a period of no less than twelve days. The vet evaluates the dog for signs of rabies and aggressive behavior. The vet determines if the dog is a risk to the public.
If the dog exhibits signs of rabies, the county can euthanize the animal. The pet owner and the victim are notified. The victim will undergo rabies treatment.

What are Serious Injuries?

Serious Dog Bite Injuries include disfigurement, broken bones, or injuries that could produce a permanent disability. Under the strict liability laws, the pet owner must provide compensation for medical costs and tort rulings. This includes any wages lost by the victim.

Identifying Lawful Entry

Lawful entry indicates that the victim entered the property as part of their duty or after an invitation. If the victim was trespassing, this is considered unlawful entry. They must present evidence that shows their reason for entering the property or yard. If the defendant proves unlawful entry, this could justify the dog attack. Dogs attack as a means of protecting their property. Additionally, if the victim antagonized the dog, their case is dismissed.

Dog Bite Injuries in Brooklyn NY provide victims with the right to sue. Under strict liabilities, the court imposes penalties and fines if there is a history of violence. Severe injuries could also warrant higher settlement requirements. To start a claim, contact an attorney now.

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