Know Your Rights after a Motorcycle Crash in St. Paul

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Lawyers

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In St. Paul, people keep hearing about traffic accidents almost every day. However, if you check the statistics, you are going to quickly understand why it is so vital to be following all the safety measures.

* Motorcycle crashes have been a major part of the traffic crashes, making 1.2% of total accidents in St. Paul in 2007.

*Injuries were respectively more severe in motorcycle accidents than injuries to people involved in the Motor vehicles.

*The mortality rate of 2007 for motorcycle riders was 15.68 per one hundred million vehicle miles.

Motorcycle crashes occur for many reasons, including bad roads, negligent truck drivers and motorists, poor weather conditions, and a lot more. However, statistics also show that most of the motorcycle crash injuries are a result of another driver’s negligence. An often-overlooked reality is that other drivers either do not respect or just do not pay attention to the motorcycles. Irrespective of why a motorcycle crash takes place, it is very important to know your rights. It is particularly correct when a crash involves another truck, car, or any other vehicle.

Your obligations and rights vary from state to state, but an exclusive set of laws is there if you’re injured in a motorcycle crash in St. Paul. In St. Paul, if a motorcycle is part of an accident with a truck or car, the injured motorcycle rider might often get No Fault insurance advantages. This comprises payment of lost wages, medical expenses, household chores, attendant care services, and more. Several of these advantages last a lifespan.

Furthermore, if the injured motorcyclist was not at liability in an accident, a claim could be sent against the neglectful truck driver or motorist for the injuries and damages. It comprises claims for suffering and pain, disability, and fatality. In cases that involve death in result of a motorcycle crash, the family members of the motorcyclist can file a death lawsuit in the St. Paul court in addition to claiming the insurance benefits.

Beneath statute of limitations in the city, anyone injured in a motorcycle crash must file a lawsuit within 3 years. Cases that involve legally debilitated persons or minors, these periods are usually longer. Laws for motorcycle crashes in St. Paul are very particular and it is important that an experienced motorcycle crash lawyer be consulted after the accident as soon as possible. It is the finest possible way to preserve the evidence important for winning the case and for making sure that all the claims are filed prior to important deadlines.

Once a victim has a lawyer and the lawyer has all the details from the victim, he will be going over what he thinks the case is worth, relying on the information given to him and the odds of filing a claim with possibilities of success. Waiting very long for hiring a lawyer may result in lost benefits and missed opportunities.


If you are looking for a lawyer who could help you file your claim for reimbursement against damages in your motorcycle crash in St. Paul, you can approach lawyers at Rutzick Law Offices, P.A. for assistance.


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