Juvenile Attorneys in Tyler, TX Help Parents Deal with Their Child’s Arrest

by | Jan 23, 2018 | Attorney

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Any child can be arrested. All it takes is falling in with the wrong crowd and going along with whatever happens or making a poor decision on their own. When a minor is arrested, their parents will want to make sure they receive legal help to try to minimize the impact this could have on their future. Even though a conviction might be sealed when they become an adult, juvenile attorneys in Tyler, TX help parents minimize the chance of a conviction and the issues that could follow the minor into adulthood.

Sealing the Record of a Minor

When a person becomes an adult, any criminal record they had as a minor should be sealed and cannot be seen during the standard background check. However, there are exceptions to this, so the parent shouldn’t depend on this occurring. They will want to, instead, find out if it’s possible for their child to avoid a conviction and the sentencing that could follow.

Future Impacts Even Without a Criminal Record

If the child is convicted of the crime, it could impact them far into the future even if it doesn’t stay on their records. They could start to struggle in school if they are sentenced to time in a juvenile facility because they get behind in their classes. They could also have trouble avoiding future issues because they already have a criminal record and just aren’t aware that it could impact them even more if they’re arrested again.

How an Attorney Can Help

Parents can contact an attorney on behalf of their child to seek the legal assistance they need to avoid a conviction if possible. The attorney will carefully review the case to determine if there’s a way to avoid a conviction or to minimize the sentence the minor might receive and have the conviction erased from their record later. The attorney can also stress how serious this is to the minor, which may make a difference because it’s coming from someone other than their parents.

If your child has been arrested for anything, make sure you speak with one of the juvenile attorneys in Tyler, TX as quickly as possible for help. Take the time to visit the Law Office of Holmes & Moore P.L.L.C. now to get the help your child needs. For more details visit our Google+ page.

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