Judges Laud Merits of Videoconferencing

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Law

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If your firm has been contemplating using the services of a legal videoconferencing company in Annapolis area, it may help you to know that recent research has determined that judges who were interviewed for the study found that the advantages of videoconferencing far outweighed the disadvantages. Also helpful is the understanding that primary among the negative perceptions related to videoconferencing were technical difficulties, which is something that you can address with your videoconferencing company prior to any problems that might arise.

Among the benefits that many of the judges noted are the time and money saved in travel costs when oral arguments can be conducted via videoconferencing. Others noted that videoconferencing allows for greater flexibility in scheduling and lends itself to cases being heard in a more timely fashion. Though some legal experts had been concerned about utilizing videoconferencing in the courtroom because of the audio delay that can often accompany such proceedings, none of the judges found that to be a particular problem, which may be due to improved technology that reduces that delay time significantly.

Some judges found that they were less inclined to ask questions or to interrupt the proceedings in any way when the material being presented was via videoconferencing, but none of them thought that this tendency affected their ability to understand the case in a significant way. Others said that their previous experience with videoconferencing had an impact on how they perceived its use in the courtroom. Videoconferencing was found to be particularly beneficial to the appellate courts when more than one judge must hear a case. It is possible to have oral arguments presented at one location while judges in various other locations can confer and collaborate via videoconferencing.

The positive experiences of the judges that were interviewed for the study are indicative of how videoconferencing has been utilized and perceived within the overall judicial system and by the courts in the Annapolis area. As technology advances and any of the perceived issues with videoconferencing are eliminated, it is likely that it will be seen increasingly in courtrooms and other legal proceedings as the advantages in terms of time and money are simply too great not to take advantage of, and the problems can be mitigated by videoconferencing vendors who have the technological expertise to correct them.

When your firm is ready to benefit from the many advantages of videoconferencing in Annapolis area, be sure to retain the services of a videoconferencing support company that can supply you with state-of-the-art equipment and the technological expertise that will keep potential problems at bay.


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