Importance of Your DUI Attorney Cleveland

by | Oct 19, 2012 | Law

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The role of alcohol in fatal car accidents is a serious issue. Research shows that taking alcohol causes many traffic fatalities. Many drivers who cause such fatal accidents are alcoholics rather than social drinkers, and are therefore in need of help. Statistics prove that most of the drivers who cause fatal accidents have been involved at least once in previous car accidents. DUI or drinking under influence, consequently, has led to much legislation against drunk driving being established to curb this offense. As a result, the sentences for breaching of these laws are becoming more serious and punitive against the drivers. You will dread facing DUI charges because of the presumptions of guilt even before trial. With everyone against you, it could be a nightmare.

If you are charged with drunk driving, do not throw your hands up in despair and surrender; find a good DUI attorney to represent you. The following are ways in which your attorney can help you when you are faced with DUI charges:

1. Your attorney understands your problem, and he/she will help you go home scot-free or with a lesser sentence. Since the work of an attorney is not to condemn people, he/she will give you an understanding ear. You can confess everything to your DUI attorney Cleveland who will use the information to build your case. In this way, you can also find foreclosure in the event that you suffered a trauma during the accident.

2. The DUI attorney can help the prosecution and the jury to empathize with you to prevent incarceration. Your problem could be psychological and, therefore, more serious. You are therefore entitled for treatment and rehabilitation rather than ineffective punitive measures. In this way, your attorney will be able to help you and other potential drunk drivers.

3. If the judge or jury, with the prodding of the prosecution, declares you guilty of a DUI offense, they could be tempted to send you to prison for a long time or fine you a huge amount of money. Your DUI attorney Cleveland can effectively negotiate with them on your behalf to have the sentence reduced. Without such an attorney, it would be easy for the judge to hand you the heaviest sentence, which would be unfair to you.

4. Your DUI attorney can help you to prevent revocation of your driver’s license and subsequently protect your record. This record will be crucial when you want to obtain auto insurance for your car. Without a clean record, either the insurance providers will refuse to provide your car with the necessary cover, or they will charge you exorbitant premiums. Your attorney can help you clear this record with a strong defense if you are charged with DUI.

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