How to Get Started With the Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lawrence KS?

by | Jun 7, 2017 | Lawyers

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Bankruptcy is something no one wants to have to face, but it is sometimes the only option for overcoming mounting debt. When a person has done all they can to get out of debt, to no avail, it behooves them to seek help from a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lawrence KS. Meeting with a lawyer will give them insight into their bankruptcy options and allow their financial records to be carefully reviewed. With the guidance of a lawyer, a person can make a sound decision on whether or not they should choose bankruptcy and what kind.

There are two main kinds of bankruptcies individuals can file. The type a person files will depend on the amount of debt they owe and the type. Chapter 13 is a bankruptcy type that is preferred by those who are dealing with debt that is secured. Homeowners who are about to lose their homes to foreclosure will find this type of bankruptcy an option that will allow them to keep their home. Once this bankruptcy is in place, creditors must cease and desist all collection activity.

The Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lawrence KS can also help a person determine if Chapter 7 is a good fit for their financial situation. Chapter 7 is a type of bankruptcy for those with unsecured debts like medical bills and credit card debt. A person must go through mean’s testing to determine if they truly cannot afford to pay off their debt. Some of their property may be liquidated to pay what they owe and some debts can be absolved.

It is important a person gathers as many financial records as they can so they can meet with the lawyer. It is also wise for a person to write down any questions they may have so they will not forget them due to nervousness over the first appointment.

If you are dealing with overwhelming debt and would like help with bankruptcy, it is important you call and schedule a consultation appointment right away. For further information on your bankruptcy options, visit Website Domain. Call today so you can get started on filing for bankruptcy.

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