How to Get a Family Member Out of Jail Quickly With 24 Hour Bail Bonds Silver Spring MD

A person who has been arrested typically has the option of paying bail to be released until their hearings are completed. However, when the bail amount is more than the person can afford, they may turn to a family member for help. In these cases, a family member may want to look into 24 Hour Bail Bonds Silver Spring MD to make sure it’s possible to help the arrested person. This is not a difficult process, but a person will want to understand how it works so they know what to expect.

The first part of the process is obtaining the bail bond. The person will need to be prepared with 10% of the bail amount or with collateral that covers the entire bail amount. This is what will need to be given to the bondsman to secure the bond. When the person arrives, they will need to read over the bond agreement carefully to be sure they understand all of the terms of the bond. The bondsman will answer any questions the person may have, and then the agreement will need to be signed, and the bondsman will need the percentage of the bail amount or the collateral.

Once the bail bond is secured, the bondsman will pay the full bail amount to the jail. This is where a 24-hour company is advantageous as the bail can be paid anytime, day or night. The jail will need to process the payment, but this should only take a few hours to do. It does depend on how busy the jail is at the time, with weekend nights often taking longer than the middle of the day on Monday. Once the payment is processed, the person is released and can use their freedom to work, talk to a lawyer, and attend their hearings.

If you’d like to help a family member, look into the 24 Hour Bail Bonds Silver Spring MD today. A bail bond company that offers 24-hour bonds is going to be able to help you right away so you can help your family member get out of jail as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, or you’re in need of a bail bond right away, contact Pantazes Bail Bonds Agency Inc. now.

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