How to Choose the Best Child Custody Lawyer

by | Dec 19, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firm

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Finding a child custody lawyer can be hard, especially if you don’t have any references from people that you trust.? When you’re in this situation, there are several things that you can look for to ensure that you find the child custody lawyer in Mesa that fits your needs.? Here are some tips on looking for these professionals, and gauging whether or not they will be able to handle your case the way you expect them to.


The first thing that you should look for in a child custody lawyer in Mesa is experience.? You want them to know what they’re doing, and be able to walk you through the legal process with ease.? They should be able to help you understand all the nuances of custody cases, and figure out the best legal route for you to go down.? Find someone that has years of experience in the field, and could give you references if needed.? You can also check the law firm’s reputation online, or with the Better Business Bureau in your area.

Care and Concern

Another thing that you should look for when choosing a child custody lawyer in Mesa is care and concern.? You want the professional to have a caring demeanor, and be genuinely concerned about the welfare of your children.? This one attribute is very important, as your lawyer will be helping you make decisions about the future of your family.? This person should also be someone that you can talk to throughout the case, and be a reliable resource that can refer you to counseling if the need should arise.

Track Record

Your child custody lawyer in Mesa should have a track record of helping families achieve their goals in the legal system.? Ask how many cases they’ve won for the client, and how many situations have turned out in the best situation for the child.? In the end, this is always the solution that you should look for when dealing with the court systems in custody cases.? You want to ensure that your lawyer fights to put your child in an environment where their emotional and physical needs will be met, and an environment where they will be supported and groomed to become functional, emotionally stable adults.

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