How to Become a Defense Attorney

by | Jan 3, 2013 | Attorney

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Are you toying with the idea of becoming a defense attorney? There are several things that you need to know. For starters, not everyone can become an attorney. Becoming an attorney requires several qualities, some of which are inborn. For instance, you need to be a quick thinker and also inquisitive. These qualities are important in helping you gain more insight into the legal world. You also need to have excellent communication skills. Fortunately, these can be taught in school.

In terms of academic qualifications, there are steps that you should follow. The first step involves obtaining an undergraduate degree. You should choose a field that gives you a broader learning experience. Most people who are hoping to become a defense attorney choose to study psychology. This is quite useful as they apply the knowledge gained in psychology to better analyze the cases they handle.

The next step involves choosing a law school to apply to. There are several things that could help you determine the law school to attend. You could make your decision based on the reputation of the school. You could also choose a law school that is in the jurisdiction where you wish to base your defense attorney practice. Once in school, you should choose a suitable law degree program. You will want to choose something that is focused on criminal law.

You should inquire as to whether there are clinic programs that you could enroll in. Clinic programs allow third year students to gain permission to represent clients. Sometimes, these students can appear in court if they are supervised by an experienced defense attorney, Murfreesboro. These programs are great for those clients who cannot afford legal representation. They are also great for the students as they give them real life experience even before they graduate.

A great way to place yourself ahead of the competition is to apply for the position of a court clerk. This will give you experience while you pursue your law degree. Once you have graduated, you will find it easier to gain employment in law firms and also in the court system.

Your next major hurdle is to pass the bar exam. This is a very crucial exam and passing it means the green light to practice law. You should look out for study groups that are focused on this examination. After passing this exam, you can go ahead to apply for your first job as a defense attorney, Murfreesboro.

Once you have gotten yourself in the legal world, you can look forward to a rewarding and exciting career as a defense attorney. Remember that this field attracts only the best in the field and you should strive to be among the best.


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