How Those Injured in a Drunk Driving Accident Can Get Help from a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney in Hailey, ID

Automobile and truck accidents occur every day everywhere in the United States; however, many of these could be avoided. Drunk driving accidents account for the majority of fatalities in traffic accidents, and sometimes the accidents end up with a person being seriously injured or dead. When this happens, there is a drunk driving accident attorney in Hailey, ID who is available to help those injured clients receive compensation for their injuries. Here are some things to know about receiving compensation for a drunk driving accident or any personal injury in Idaho.

Drunk Driving Accidents and Recovery in Idaho

Being injured in an automobile accident can give the injured party cause for a personal injury lawsuit, whether the other driver was drunk or not. Injuries can cause a lot of financial issues for the injured party, such as medical expenses, damage to personal property, loss of wages, and pain and suffering. It will probably take an experienced attorney to get the deserved compensation.

More on Drunk Driving Accident Recovery in Idaho

The person who wants to pursue a personal injury lawsuit must realize that Idaho has a statute of limitations of two years from the date of the accident to file the lawsuit in a civil court. If the lawsuit is not filed within that period, the chances of having the case heard will most likely be gone, as well as the chance to be awarded damages. Also, Idaho employs the comparative fault rule, which means the other party can attempt to prove the injured party was partly responsible for the accident. If the fault is found to be fifty percent or more, the injured party will collect nothing.

A Lawyer Who Can Help in Hailey, Idaho

Obviously, an injured client wants to have the best possible chance of being awarded damages in a drunk driving lawsuit. This can happen when the client hires an attorney who has experience litigating such cases. Injured victims looking for a drunk driving accident attorney in Hailey, ID can visit to find out more about Gariepy Law Office, a law firm that can help.

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