How Social Security Disability started and How an Attorney Can Help

by | Jun 24, 2015 | Law

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In 1935, President Roosevelt signed into law the Social Security Act. In addition to benefits for the overall welfare of the population, the Act was designed as a fund to be paid to citizens over the age of 65 so they can receive income even after retirement. As a result, retirees can survive on a fixed income even if they don’t have a sufficient nest egg of their own. Another provision of the Act was that citizens can claim benefits even before retirement, due to extenuating circumstances, such as a disability or severe injury. These are known as SSDI: Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSI: Supplemental Security Income.

While these benefits are entitled to any American citizen (your taxes go to pay for them, after all), the process can be long and arduous. Typically any SSDI or SSI claim is turned down after the initial request. To receive these benefits, you must appeal to see an Administrative Law Judge (or ALJ) and present your case. Because of the frequency of rejection, it can be a daunting task for anyone to attempt to file a claim on their own. This is where a Social Security Law Office can be of assistance.

Typically, regardless of whether or not you use a Social Security Lawyer, your claim will be denied at the initial stage. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from contacting and using a Social Security lawyer. These lawyers are trained and very knowledgeable about the Social Security Act and its provisions, and they can do the necessary legwork to develop your claim properly, thus helping your chances of getting approval at the initial stages, if possible, or from an ALJ. This isn’t to say that you cannot claim benefits and appeal to a judge without a legal representative (it’s not even required), it certainly has been done before. However, you are taking a significant risk with your future, as a lawyer will know what questions to ask, what documents you will need, and what the judge will be looking for. Even if you have all of the necessary information, a legal representative can help you by making sure all medical evidence is submitted, that a pre hearing brief is sent to the judge, and that a valid argument is made during the hearing.

If you’re injured or disabled, the last thing you want to do is spend hours poring over paperwork and doing research. An experienced Social Security lawyer can do the bulk of the work for you, and help you have the best possible chance to receive the benefits you deserve. Even though the system can be a hassle to work with, that’s a hassle that shouldn’t be square on your shoulders. If you are in Cleveland, contact Liner Legal, an experienced Social Security Law Office.

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