How Can a Disability Attorney in Missouri Help You With Your Case?

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Law

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No one wants to think about becoming ill or injured and being unable to return to work. Sadly, this becomes a fact of life for many people each year as they learn they are disabled and life as they know it will never be the same. When you have a physical or mental condition that leaves you unable to work and make a living, you need to understand you do have rights. You have the right to receive Social Security disability benefits. Though everyone has these rights, many are still denied when they first file. Whether you are just starting the process or have already been denied, it is important to hire a disability attorney in Missouri so your rights can be protected and you can get the benefits you deserve.

For those who try to file for disability without the aid of a disability attorney in Missouri, the process can be stressful. Even qualified people are often denied the first time they file. The problem is, many people are not aware of their rights and give up in pursuing a claim at this point. Through an attorney, even a denial for approval can be appealed, allowing many to go on and get the benefits they need.

When filing for disability, it is important to have at least two medical doctors to state you are indeed permanently disabled and the reasons why. Your medical records will be obtained by your attorney, through you signing a medical release. It is imperative you have ample medical backing for your disability or you may be permanently denied. Working with an attorney can assist you through the entire process so you can focus on your health.
The process for getting approved for disability is often lengthy. The good new is, once you file, you will be given benefits from that date. Once you are approved for your benefits, you will receive a lump sum payment for all of the payments owed since you first filed. After that payment, you will receive your monthly benefits as scheduled.

If you are in need of a disability attorney in Missouri, contact the Grundy Disability Group today. They will be glad to assist you in your claim and will work to get you the benefits you truly deserve.

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