How a Social Security Attorney Can Help You Win Disability Insurance

When you’re 62 years old, you can get Social Security at a reduced amount. But if something happens and you can’t work when you’re under 62, you might have to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. This can be a lengthy and discouraging process, which is where a Social Security attorney can help. With that in mind, here are some key benefits of hiring a Social Security attorney.

Assist With Filing

The filing process is quite lengthy when filing for disability insurance. If you miss any information, your case could be disqualified. That’s where a Social Security Kansas City attorney can help you. Your representative will usually take your information over the phone; then send it to the Social Security Administration.

Recommend Special Forms or Tests

There are a lot of available medical forms for Social Security, but many apply to people with physical injuries. Because of this, your disability lawyer may recommend that your doctor fill out a special form more germane to your ailment. He may also suggest you get a psychological test done if your condition is more mental.

Coordinate Flow of Information

You Social Security Kansas City representative can ensure that the Social Security Administration continues to receive all your documents. That’s because most Social Security law firms can download the information to the Social Security database.

Be Advocate at Hearing

A Social Security attorney can coach you on how to dress and answer questions during a hearing. Most of these attorneys spend significant amounts of time in court so they know the procedures.

Help You Win

You have a much better chance of winning your case if you hire a Social Security Kansas City lawyer. Your attorney can present your information better than you and counter any arguments the vocation expert makes.

Grundy Disability Group LLC has been winning disability cases for clients for more than 12 years, and it can help you win as well.

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