How a Child Custody Law Attorney in St. Peters, MO Can Help Clients Get Custody

When couples are going through a divorce, one of the issues that will come up is child custody. It used to be that the mother automatically got custody of the children, but recent times have shown that this is not always the best option. A child custody law attorney in St. Peters, MO helps clients in a child custody battle to put their best effort forward. Here are some things that clients may want to know about how to best present their defense for child custody.

Things That Are Looked at Pertaining to Child Custody

The most important thing to keep in mind is that, in a child custody hearing, the judge is primarily focused on what is going to be in the best interest of the child or children. One factor that will come up is who is in the best position financially to take on the responsibility of the child or children. Another factor that will be considered is the age of the child or children involved, as the younger they are, the better it is that they remain together.

More Factors About Child Custody

Something else the judge will consider is the child’s ability to determine who they would rather be with, as this will weigh heavily on how they interact in the home. Other things that might be looked at are whether or not a parent has physical or mental challenges that would get in the way of effective parenting, what character witnesses say about a parent, whether the parents are willing to allow the non-custodial parent to interact with the child, and what the parents’ actual wishes are.

Who to Call in St. Peters

The Niedner Law Firm has been providing child custody representation for clients in the St. Peters, Missouri, area for 81 years. In addition to representation for child custody clients, this law firm also represents clients for criminal law, real estate law, personal injury, and many more situations. Anyone in need of a child custody law attorney in St. Peters, MO can contact this law firm.

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