Hire Attorneys Experienced with Contract Law in Santa Barbara, CA to Write Non-Disclosure Agreements

If your company does research and development, then you will want to keep certain information secret from your competitors. To ensure that the work is not shared with unauthorized people, you can have employees sign non-disclosure agreements. To make sure that your company is protected by a non-disclosure agreement, you need to hire an attorney experienced in writing them so they will hold up in court if challenged.

Define Scope for Validity

While non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are valid for protecting your company’s confidential information and trade secrets, the agreement must define what information your business considers confidential. If there isn’t a clear distinction between confidential and non-confidential information, then the agreement may be considered invalid. An attorney specializing in contract law in Santa Barbara, CA will work with you to define the scope of the information that you wish to have protected.

Outlines Consequences

Along with defining which information is confidential, an NDA must also outline what will happen if the NDA is breached or a breach is threatened. Usually, if a contract such as an NDA is breached, the plaintiff can sue the defendant for the harm that he or she caused. An attorney practicing contract law can help you decide what will happen if NDAs are breached by employees, which could include termination of their jobs.

Who Signs Agreements?

Non-disclosure agreements may be signed with an employee, vendor, contractor or any other party who has access to information that the business may deem proprietary. Employees who are directly involved in the development of new products or who have access to information including financial or business data should sign NDAs and be informed of the consequences of breaching the contract by a Santa Barbara contract law attorney.

Contract law can be difficult to understand for a layperson, which is why a contract lawyer should write contracts such as NDAs to ensure their validity.

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