Hire an OUI Defense Lawyer in Lafayette LA to Keep Your License

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Lawyers

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Louisiana’s approach to OUI cases is very conservative, and punishments include mandatory jail sentences for first-time offenders, even those who hire an OUI Defense Lawyer in Lafayette LA. Penalties are harsher for drivers with a BAC of .15 or higher, and for underage drivers. Those driving on a commercial license or with minors present can also expect a tougher sentence. Below is an explanation of Louisiana’s OUI punishments.

Administrative Penalties

Those committing their first OUI can expect to face strict punishments. A first offender in Louisiana will receive an administrative suspension of their driver’s license for 90 days. Following that first offense, license reinstatement does not require the use of an ignition interlock device, but drivers may be required to attend and complete a substance and alcohol abuse education and assessment program at a substantial cost.

Criminal Punishments

Some do not take OUI seriously, but the offense can carry costly and long-lasting consequences. A first conviction results in a mandatory jail sentence of at least two days, but many offenders are given the option to serve the required sentence by doing community service. However, certain offenders can receive a sentence of up to six months in jail.

Fines for first convictions typically range from $300-$1000 in the state, but that fine amount does not include court fees, costs, and additional surcharges gathered during license reinstatement or completion of mandatory education and sentencing requirements. Moreover, that first conviction can influence sentencing and charges in subsequent OUI arrests for up to ten years.

Avoiding License Suspension

Drivers have just 15 days from the arrest date to request a DMV administrative hearing and possibly avoid losing their license. Pleading such a case requires the assistance of a Louisiana OUI attorney who can provide representation of such a hearing. It’s important to have legal counsel, to have the greatest chance of avoiding suspension of one’s driver’s license.

Getting Legal Assistance After an OUI

Some may not believe that a first offense is all that important, but the state of Louisiana imposes strict penalties on even first-time OUI offenders. For insight and information into first offenses, including whether a case’s specific nature may present an opportunity to get charges reduced or dropped, offenders should visit chrisrichardattorney.com to consult an OUI Defense Lawyer in Lafayette LA as soon as possible.

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