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by | Aug 22, 2016 | Law

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Recovering financial compensation from a car accident can be difficult. Especially if you’re in the hospital, with a ton of expenses to pay for. If the accident was caused by someone’s negligent actions, you have the right to file for a lawsuit to seek out compensation. Don’t put it off for too long though, to ensure you comply with Florida’s Statute of Limitations set time limit, advises the Bulluck Law Group. Hire an auto accident lawyer to help you.

Negligence: Definition

When the actions of an individual or company result in harm to another person. So, whether someone’s drunk driving caused the car crash or a doctor’s negligence resulted in a misdiagnosis and medical malpractice, you can file for a claim to make sure you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

How Lawyers Can Help

  • Gather proof. Your lawyer will help you get the evidence you need to prove that the accident was caused by the other party’s reckless or negligent actions or behavior. This includes interviewing witnesses, taking photos of the accident site, and checking video surveillance for clues, among other things.
  • Work with health care professionals. Your lawyer will help you get in touch with doctors who can help testify to the seriousness of your condition and the future treatments you will need.
  • Deal with insurance companies. Your lawyer will ensure you get a fair settlement and the maximum compensation you are entitled to.
  • Prepare for trial. Your lawyer can help you get ready to testify at the trial as well.


  • Medical expenses you incurred and will incur for future treatments.
  • Any wages you lost because you were unable to work due to the injuries you sustained from the accident.
  • Compensation for the emotional and physical pain the accident caused you.
  • Punitive damages for the sheer disregard of the guilty party for the safety of others.

So seek out legal help. Get the compensation you need with an experienced auto accident attorney.

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