Great Questions to Ask Your Social Security Lawyer Martinsburg WV Area

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Lawyers

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Finding the right lawyer Martinsburg WV area to help you with filing for social security can seem like a real pain. There are lots of attorneys on the market today that offer great services at reasonable low rates, but it is important that you do the background research to make sure that they are able to hold up their end of the bargain. While every case will not be a win situation you still want to be sure that you increase your chances of winning your claim by consulting with a professional who is familiar with the law. Below are some questions that you should consider asking during your initial consultation to make sure that you have chosen the best firm to work with:

1. How much knowledge and experience do you have in representing clients in social security claims?

You want to know that the attorney you choose has had extensive experience in working on cases related to yours. While experience does not always equal success, it does at least let you know that they are familiar with what they are talking about.

2. Are you able to help me with the initial filing of my claim?

A lot of social security applicants are lead to believe that you don’t need a lawyers Martinsburg WV area until your claim has been denied. This is not true, having a lawyer from the beginning stages will likely help your application process run much smoother than attempting to apply on your own.

3. What strategies do you have in place for my claim?

You want to know that you have found a lawyer in Martinsburg WV area that is going to fight for your rights from start to finish. Whether you’ve been denied or not you still need a professional that knows the law well and has a strategy set in place to make sure that the laws are upheld appropriates. Knowing what steps they will take in your case is important.

4. Have you had experience representing a person with disabilities such as mine?

Of course just like people, no disability is alike and therefore you need to make sure that you find yourself a professional that is able to accurately understand your condition. Your attorney needs to prepare a case that will have detailed information about your condition and how it will affect your ability to work in the future. This will decrease the chances of getting denied.

5. How will updates be communicated to me?

Communication is important, especially when dealing with serious matters such as social security disability. You want to obtain a lawyers in Martinsburg WV area that is able to give you the up to date status on your case at a moments notice. Therefore establishing up front what your lines of communication will be is very beneficial so that you’re on the same page.

Other questions you might consider asking your lawyer Martinsburg WV area is how much the services will cost you. While most operate on a contingency fee, knowing what it will cost you from the beginning can prepare you to budget accordingly. In answering these questions accurately you are sure to have found the right lawyer to help you fight for what’s rightfully yours.

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