Getting Help Using Divorce Lawyers in Lancaster County, PA

In times past, the term “divorce” was a taboo subject, and if anyone was getting a divorce, everything possible was done to keep it secret. Today, divorce is not that big of a deal. Many people are divorcing or are already divorces, and the reasons for it are innumerable. If someone is thinking of getting a divorce, however, they should get the best attorney possible. The right attorney can keep an individual from being “taken to the cleaners.” There are divorce lawyers in Lancaster County, PA who help clients with divorce issues. Here are some things clients should know about divorce law in Pennsylvania.

One thing that should be noted before filing for a divorce in Pennsylvania is the residency requirements. One or both of the parties must have been a resident in Pennsylvania for at least six months prior to filing for divorce. It should be filed either in the county the defendant is living, or in the county the plaintiff is living. The grounds for divorce must be appropriate, according to the laws and rules that Pennsylvania allows.

A no-fault grounds divorce can be issued on mutual consent, and if it is deemed that the marriage is irretrievably broken. Legal grounds vary and there are quite a few from which to choose. Adultery is one obvious ground for divorce. Cruel treatment of the innocent spouse is also another legal ground for divorce. Being in a bigamous marriage is a cause for divorce. If one of the spouses has been committed to imprisonment for two or more years, that can also be grounds for a divorce. Willful and deliberate desertion from the spouse for a period of at least one year is another possible cause for divorce.

The Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery has been providing legal solutions for clients in the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area for over 15 years. In addition to handling divorces, the attorneys also represent clients for family law and criminal law. Interested parties can call for a free phone consultation. If any parties are interested further in divorce lawyers in Lancaster County, PA, they can visit the attorneys’ website at

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