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by | Dec 21, 2017 | Attorney

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Personal injuries can be stressful, especially when they cause serious injuries. When someone has been injured because of the actions of another, it is the injured victim’s right to seek compensation for their measurable damages, including their medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. It is important injured victims get help from personal injury attorneys in Angola, Indiana. An attorney will help their client receive the compensation that is owed to them.

Understanding the Steps Involved

There are a few different steps involved in pursuing compensation, depending on the type of personal injury claim. It is important injured victims understand the steps and their options when it comes to pursuing compensation. The following are the most important steps involved in the process.

* The first step in the process is to meet in a consultation appointment with the attorney. This meeting is important because it sets the groundwork for how the case will be formed.

* The attorney will begin investigating the client’s claims in an attempt to gather as much evidence as possible. Evidence is crucial for pursuing any liability claim.

* The demand package is sent to the defendant, outlining the damages and the demands of the settlement, including the amount being asked for.

* The negotiation process can be lengthy but can sometimes allow claims to be settled without going to court.

* If settlements do not work out, the attorney will file a lawsuit on behalf of their client.

The Lawsuit

The process of filing a lawsuit leads to the discovery phase where both sides share any facts that have been discovered. Mediation meetings may be held after the discovery phase. If mediation is not successful, the trial will proceed before a judge. It may be up to the judge or a jury to make the decision on the final outcome. Settlement agreements can still take place during this time, which would require the case to be dismissed in court.

Personal injury attorneys in Angola, Indiana help their clients overcome the obstacles that can stand in the way of a favorable outcome. To schedule a consultation, contact the law office of Yoder & Kraus.

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