Get Help Dealing With Uncooperative Car Dealers in West Virginia

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Attorney

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When you walk into a dealership looking to purchase a vehicle or used vehicle, you are met by salespeople who are happy and full of joy. They show you one vehicle after another and make you feel like they are your best friend. You sign the lease or the purchase agreement, they give you your keys, and it feels like you have made a best friend for life.

However, shortly after purchasing the vehicle, you may realize that it has some serious defects. You contact the dealership, but their friendly attitude has disappeared. They may even seem reluctant to honor the warranty or other agreements that you had. In circumstances like this, it’s good to become familiar with West Virginia Lemon Law.

Some people mistakenly believe that they can address issues with a car dealership on their own. In some instances, it might be possible to resolve issues pertaining to a vehicle by negotiating with the dealer. However, if the dealer was reasonable, they would honor their warranty. When a person believes that their vehicle is a lemon, it is usually best to talk to an attorney.

When an attorney is not involved, some dealers will give the false impression that they are looking into a situation or are searching for ways to resolve a situation but never do so. During this waiting period, you are without a vehicle. Working with a West Virginia Lemon Law attorney may be able to speed up the process.

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