Four Key Reasons to Hire a Qualified Disability Attorney in Missouri

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Law

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In most cases, people pay into Social Security while they’re working; then, they collect benefits when they reach retirement age. However, you could end up getting ill or hurt long before then and be unable to work. That’s when you need the help of a qualified Missouri disability lawyer. That said, here are some of the main reasons to hire one of these legal professionals.

Expertise and Know-How

A qualified disability attorney Missouri has not only completed a bachelor’s degree and law school, he or she also had to study Social Security law and get certified in it. Consequently, this legal professional fully understands all of the ailments that qualify people for disability benefits and what you have to do to improve your chances of winning your disability case.

No Money Upfront

In most cases, disability lawyers do not collect payments in advance for their services. Instead, their law firms will receive the lesser amount of 25% of your back pay or $6,000.

Identify Weaknesses In Case

A disability attorney Missouri residents have trusted for years will have the ability to spot certain weaknesses in your disability case. This is particularly true if you have an obscure ailment that mainstream medicine knows very little about, like multiple chemical sensitivities. In either situation, your attorney would have you get as much medical evidence together as possible to prove that you’re too sick to work.

Advocate In Court

If your case reaches the hearing level, your attorney will coach you on answering the judge’s questions and maintaining eye contact when speaking. He or she will also cite sections of your medical records to argue your case before the judge. Your attorney will also counter any arguments made by a vocational expert that suggest you can still work certain jobs.

If you hire a qualified Missouri disability lawyer, it will dramatically improve your chances of getting disability benefits. That’s because your attorney will guide you through the process every step of the way.

Grundy Disability Group has been helping people in the Kansas City, Missouri, area get disability benefits for more than 12 years, and you can reach the law firm at 855-233-9922.

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