Find A Child Custody Lawyer In Lincoln Park NJ To Help You Win Your Case

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Lawyer, Lawyers

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When you have children, there may come a time in your life where you will need to find a Child Custody Lawyer Lincoln Park NJ area. There are several types of child custody to check into. Physical custody is where the parent has the right to the child; many times the judge may award both parents joint custody. It really just depends on each individual case and the parents.

Legal custody means that the parent has the right to decide what goes on with the child, meaning they can decide which schools the child goes to and the well-being of the child. If only one parent has legal custody then it usually makes it much easier for the parent. If both parents split legal custody there are commonly a lot of problems that arise because they have a hard time agreeing on the decision making.

Sole custody is another type of custody a parent can seek. This means the parent that has sole custody, has legal custody as well. Usually this type of custody is granted with no hesitation if the other parent has problems with drugs or alcohol. If the other parent is unfit and doesn’t look out for the safety of the child this type of custody is very easy to get.

When you are looking for a Child Custody Lawyer Lincoln Park NJ area you will notice that there are several of them to choose from. You will want to call several of them to find out how much experience they have. When it comes to a hiring a lawyer, you want to hire one with more experience in the area you need the services for. If you hire one with very little experience you may run across some problems in court. Usually the lawyers will take care of everything, they will set up a time for you to come in and tell them what exactly you are looking to have done. They will want to get to know the situation more. Once you find a Child Custody Lawyer Lincoln Park NJ, it won’t be much longer and the case will be in court and over with before you know it.

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