Fight Your Speeding Ticket in Milwaukee

by | Mar 23, 2013 | Lawyers

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Sooner or later it happens to us all; normally we adhere to all the rules of the road. We wear our seat belts, look both ways twice in each direction before pulling out, stop at each stop sign, but then there’s that one time when you don’t even realize it, but your speeding. Perhaps you were on the phone while driving and didn’t notice, perhaps you were lost in listening to the book on tape, or perhaps you were just seemingly keeping up with traffic, but before you know it, there’s the blue and red lights flashing. You get pulled over by the law and issued a speeding ticket in Milwaukee. Now regardless if it was a Wisconsin State Trooper on I-94, a Milwaukee Police officer on I-43, or a Milwaukee County Sherriff you’re going to have to deal with the citation. Don’t just mail in the fine, you have options you can exercise.

And for those with trouble on their driving records in the past, it may be cheaper to get a traffic ticket attorney in Milwaukee than to pay the higher insurance premium you’ll be charged with a second speeding violation conviction. You may have a case if you decide that your offense is worth taking to court. A savvy defense attorney can use any special circumstances or known methods available to challenge the speeding ticket in Milwaukee the way it was issued. If for instance you were written a violation for going 85 mph in a 70 mph zone, it’s possible that the attorney can speak with the prosecuting attorney for the state and have him reduce your speed and charges to a non-moving violation. Even a speeding ticket for only five mph over the limit is going to be a reduction in fees charges and points on against your license that your insurance company will use against you.

So before you pay your speeding ticket in Milwaukee consider making a call to a law firm that specializes in representing drivers in traffic court. Most of us don’t know all the legal avenues at a lawyer’s disposal when it comes to dealing with speeding tickets in Milwaukee. But a law firm in the area that regularly defends cases in the Milwaukee County court can offer you options you may not have known are possible. Just by calling a local law firm about your speeding ticket you can begin a conversation about what they may be able to do for you. Chances are they will contact the court on your behalf. They will then get back to you with the different options you may pursue.

Consider working with a law firm to deal with your speeding ticket in Milwaukee. They may just recommend you fight the ticket, where they can challenge the equipment used to track your speed. The bottom line is that it’s worth a phone call to find out what can be done. Don’t just accept a speeding ticket in Milwaukee without checking into your options, you may find out it’s worth it to you in the long run.


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