FAQs That a Divorce Attorney in Walker, MN Can Answer

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Divorce Lawyer

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In Minnesota, divorce laws provide options for spouses to end their divorce amicably whenever possible, and they also protect the rights of these spouses until the divorce is finalized. A divorce attorney in Walker, MN can provide answers to frequently asked questions that can help these couples.

When Can a Spouse Be Forced Out of the Marital Home?

Typically, each spouse retains the right to stay in the marital home for as long as they choose prior to filing a divorce petition. However, in cases in which domestic violence has occurred, the victim can prevent their spouse from returning to the home as long as the victim remains on the property and has a valid protection order. Additionally, until the divorce is finalized each party has access to assets that are inside the marital home. However, if a protection order is issued, the aggressor must be accompanied by an officer to enter the property to retrieve the asset.

Can a Spouse Deny Access to Financial Assets Before a Petition Is Filed?

If the spouse isn’t in the military, they can in some ways deny access to financial assets; however, the spouse who denies access must be the only account holder. They cannot deny access to joint accounts unless their spouse has signed the divorce agreement and agreed to the terms of the divorce. This spouse can stop the deposit of their wages into this account to prevent their spouse from obtaining control over their money.

Does Either Spouse Pay Child Support Before the Divorce Is Finalized?

No, until the divorce is finalized, the non-custodial parent identified in the divorce agreement isn’t required to submit child support payments. Additionally, the custodial parent cannot make any attempts to collect any payments through the court or press charges against the non-custodial parent until the judge signs the documents.

In Minnesota, divorce laws provide assistance for couples who don’t understand their rights and need advice on how to proceed. These couples can choose to file for a divorce together and create their own divorce agreement if they prefer. Petitioners who wish to start a petition through a divorce attorney in Walker, MN can contact experienced lawyers right now.

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