FAQs For A Criminal Defense Law Attorney In Kutztown, PA.

In Pennsylvania, criminal proceedings are managed according to the nature of the crime and the evidence secured by law enforcement. All criminal defendants must be issued their Miranda rights when they are arrested, and the officers must have probable cause or an arrest warrant to take the defendant into custody. A criminal defense law attorney in Kutztown, PA. can provide answers to frequently asked questions about criminal cases.

If an Aggressor isn’t Identified Immediately are Both Parties Charged?

In a domestic violence case, the first task for the officers is to determine the identity of the aggressor and assess the injuries of both parties. If the victim and/or the suspected aggressor both have injuries, it could be difficult to determine who the original aggressor was. When there is evidence that indicates both parties could be guilty, the officers must arrest and book both parties for domestic violence.

Are Minors Charged with a Criminal Offense in an Accidental Shooting?

Typically, the court evaluates the age of the child and determines if they are mentally aware of their actions. In these cases, the defense of infancy is often used to prevent criminal charges against minor children when an accidental shooting occurs. However, their parents could face negligence charges for not securing the firearm properly, and if the victim dies, there is a possibility of further criminal charges against the parent.

How Does the Court Differentiate Between Murder and Capital Murder?

According to state and federal laws, murder is identified by the defendant’s intent to kill the victim. Capital murder, on the other hand, is an intentional murder that occurred over the course of an additional crime such as kidnapping or rape. The state must present evidence that shows that the defendant committed two separate offenses to charge them with capital murder.

In Pennsylvania, all criminal defendants have the right to seek legal counsel before answering any questions presented by law enforcement. A failure to comply with these constitutional rights could lead to a dismissal of the charges or an inability to use evidence or statements secured illegally. Defendants who need to hire a criminal defense law attorney in Kutztown, PA. can contact us right now. Contact us today!

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