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by | Aug 27, 2012 | Lawyers

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Drunk driving or driving under the influence of any type of substance is against the law.  There are many reasons why it is dangerous yet the biggest reason is the damage it does to others on the road.  While you are driving under the influence (DUI) you may run into another car, an innocent victim whose life is now changed due to your choices.   It seems that many times the drunk driver is unharmed and this seems unfair.  This is unfair yet this driver has rights as well as the victims.  The driver accused of DUI should consult with a DUI lawyer in Milwaukee.

Even if the DUI driver did commit a crime, there are circumstances to consider and that is where a DUI lawyer in Milwaukee comes into play.  Was this person driving out of necessity even though they knew they shouldn’t be but maybe had to rush to help a family member or friend?  Is this their first offense and their impeccable record speaks of this one time being a poor judgment call?  None of these excuses make it right to drive while under the influence of any substance but it does help a jury and judge realize the likeliness of this person to commit this crime again or to have them seek help.  A person driving while under the influence may be under an enormous amount of stress and made a poor decision to get into their car.  If they show remorse and even voluntarily check into rehabilitation or sign up for a group to help with their substance problem, those are ways a person can move on from their bad decision.  A DUI lawyer in Milwaukee can suggest and help the driver recover from the poor decision rather than have their life destroyed from it.  By helping the victims, the driver can also show their remorse and be required to attend treatment rather than be charged with manslaughter.

Regardless of the reason for DUI driving, it is against the law and should be punished.  The circumstances, however, can dictate the severity of the punishment and even those who commit crimes have rights under the law. They should be given a fair and speedy trial with the help of a DUI lawyer in Milwaukee if they choose representation.  Nowhere in the law does it state that criminals do not deserve a fair trial nor their rights are revoked.

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