Employment Law Attorneys In Northampton, MA Can Help If There’s Trouble At Work

by | Dec 23, 2015 | Attorney

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Whenever an employee has employment-related issues at work, interpreting the law on their own could get them into more trouble. Quitting a job because of discrimination, retaliation, or harassment is definitely not recommended. Speaking with Employment Law Attorneys Northampton MA, is the best move an employee can make when there’s trouble at work. This type of attorney will protect the employee’s legal rights under the law. They can’t always prevent an employee from getting fired, but they are able to file a lawsuit against the company if the company has done something illegal. Although an employee may be stressed from the behavior at work, they should keep performing their job duties and speak quickly with an attorney.

Favoritism in the workplace could be constituted as illegal. An example would be when a manager favors employees because they don’t complain about a boss’s sexual harassment. If a manager only promotes men and gives them more pay, better working schedules, or special hours, this would be discrimination for someone who isn’t male. If a boss gives special preference to an employee because they both believe in the same religion, this could be discrimination. If a boss favors an employee because they went to the same college or previously worked together, that is not discrimination. Determining whether a situation is discriminatory or not needs the assistance of Employment Law Attorneys Northampton MA.

Any employee who complained about discrimination or harassment in the workplace is legally protected against retaliation. Many cases that an employee complained about discrimination or harassment has been retaliated against. To file a lawsuit for retaliation, three things must be proven. The first is the employee engaged in a protected activity. The second item that must be proven is that the employer took action against the employee. There must also be a causal link between the employee’s activity and the employer’s action. An example would be filing a complaint with the company and the company, demoting the employee, hindering them from performing their job, excluding them from activities, and various other discriminatory behavior. Don’t wait until it’s too late to contact an experienced employment lawyer. For more information on employment law and employment attorneys, please feel free to visit us website.

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