DUI Arrests in Dekalb IL Swell During The Holidays

The rising number of DUI’s in Dekalb IL surges during the holidays. At first glance, it’s logical to assume that more and more people are drinking during the Christmas or New Year celebration, so is a natural correlation between the number of parties held and the number of DUI arrests made. But there’s a bigger culprit: pressure.  Specifically, at these times of the year there’s added pressure on law enforcement agencies to pursue each DUI in Dekalb IL and make an example of each Tom, Dick and Harry who might be breaking the law. The operative word here is “might.”

Let’s take for example Chicago which recorded 500+ arrests on DUI in the four days before Christmas holiday. While a veteran DUI lawyer can attest that not even half of these arrests will result in the maximum conviction with the right legal representation. The state highway patrol group seems to agree as it claims that indeed 50% of DUI in Chicago IL don’t result in a guilty verdict of the full charges initially posed.

Naturally the numbers will be much higher around the holdiays in the big city, but for a College town like Dekalb, which absent it’s Northern Illinios University student body will not pose quite such high statistics. Still all of the many families that reside in the Dekalb area will indeed be on the roads and attending parties and functions where alcohol can be expected to be a factor. Fortunately, DUI in Dekalb IL can be contested by a good DUI lawyer, an experienced professional who can recognize the questionable manner of a DUI arrest. There is an exact procedural method required in any DUI case as mandated by the State of Illinios, and mistakes can be made by under-trained or irresponsible officers, mistakes that can possibly get a case thrown out of court.

With a DUI lawyer, those arrested for DUI in Dekalb IL may get off the hook in regards to the initial severity of the charges posed.  A good criminal defense lawyer can prove that a defendant is not an irresponsible motorist.  They can prove his alcohol level was still within the limit of the state if the results or methods of collection were in question.  They can contest how the breathalyzer exam was conducted. And they can challenge the way the driver was arrested.

People arrested for DUI in Dekalb IL can spend as much as $10,000 covering the penalties, litigation expenses, impoundment fees, probation costs and drunk driving prevention classes if a judge so orders it. The hiring of a first rate DUI lawyer will only cost a portion of that cost. More importantly, you can avoid the hassle of getting arrested again and again by traffic enforcers because of prior DUI conviction.

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