Do you really need a personal injury lawyer?

by | Apr 2, 2013 | Personal Injury

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Whether you need personal injury attorneys in Polk County or not is all dependent on the cause of the injury. If the injury is the result of an accident that was caused by someone or something due to negligence, then you may need an attorney. You have the right to sue for compensation regardless of whether your injuries were caused by an automobile accident, a dog bite or medical malpractice. Your personal injury attorneys in Polk County can advise you on your rights and help you get the proper compensation.

Compensation for personal injuries can be arrived at through a court case where the jury set the award based on the evidence presented or the monetary award can be agreed upon in an out of court settlement.

Many times, people are either so pre-occupied with healing or worrying about their families, or even believing that the injuries are not that serious that they neglect contacting an attorney. This is when the defendant’s insurance company will make an offer to settle. They will offer to cover all your medical costs, the damages to your car and perhaps even cover the lost wages you incurred. Perhaps the victim sees the offer as a God send, he feels he is being offered a fair settlement and he agrees. In most instances, settling without the advice of personal injury attorneys in Polk County is a very big mistake. Insurance companies are not known for making fair offers, they are only interested in minimizing their exposure, when you accept the proposed settlement; you close the door on any future action.

When you have been injured, consult with a personal accident attorney. Usually the first consultation is free so you really have nothing to lose. The following are but a few examples of when you should consider hiring an attorney to represent your interests.

1. A simple injury
, or what appears to be a simple injury, can often turn into something much more serious as time goes by. Your attorney will recommend that you see specialists to get a diagnosis that includes the potential of future pain and suffering. A simple broken arm may not be set correctly, resulting in limited use of the arm, this may result in a medical malpractice case.

2. When you are injured, there is often an established formula that only personal injury attorneys in Polk County know. These formulas help the attorney establish a just award. As the attorney can be very aggressive when representing his client, they are best suited to getting maximum compensation. Often times, the award is negotiated out of court.

3. When you hire an attorney, the insurance company for the defendant knows you mean business. You immediately put them on notice that you will not be made a fool of and that you understand your rights and you will fight for them.


Without having personal injury attorneys in Polk County at your side, you may not realize how much compensation you are giving up. Wait until the full extent of your injuries are known and then commence proceedings.


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