Do You Need An Accident Attorney Tulsa

by | Jun 1, 2013 | Lawyers

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An Accident Attorney Tulsa is an attorney that presents cases where an individual was injured due to no-fault of their own. Car accidents and on the job injuries are the top reasons for hiring an accident or personal lawyer. These personal injuries often hinder the individual’s ability to work and results in a mountain of medical bills.

A consultation is the first initial meeting between an accident lawyer and his or her client. The details about the accident are discussed during this meeting. The lawyer determines whether the case is viable or if additional documentation is required before a trial date.

The lawyer documents the details and begins preparation for the case. He or she will interview individuals who witnessed the accident and examine the police report, if available for a car accident. The evidence is collected from all possible sources, including employee policies if it is a work-related injury.

Work-related injuries additionally require compliance with Workman’s Compensation guidelines. An attorney within this specialization will consult the human resources department of the employing company to determine whether these guidelines were followed correctly.

Most lawyers who specialize in personal injury cases do not require fees upfront. When the defendant settles or the judge awards monetary damages to the plaintiff, the lawyer calculates his or her fees based upon a percentage. The fees are deducted from the settlement value before it is released to the client through his or her selected attorney.

An Accident Attorney Tulsa can negotiate a settlement with the defendant on your behalf. In some cases, the opposing party may accept a settlement offer proposed by the attorney. If this is the case, a trial is not necessary. However, in cases where a settlement is not an option, a trial date is scheduled.

During a trial, the judge allows both parties to present their case. He or she will review all evidentiary support from each side. The lawyers representing both parties are allowed to question any witnesses involved in the case. Once the judge has heard both sides and has reviewed the evidence he or she makes the final decision.

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