Different Types of Social Security Benefits Available In Missouri

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Lawyers

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There are many types of Social Security benefits in Missouri available to those that can prove they are disabled. It may not be easy to understand all of the different types of benefits that you could pursue. It is imperative to speak with a professional disability attorney that is capable of helping you decide which type of disability benefits program applies to your situation. Once the type of Social Security disability program is chosen, with the services of an expert attorney to help you along the way, you can begin the process of applying for benefits.

The Many Different Types of Social Security Disability Benefits

* Disability Insurance Benefits
* Supplemental Security Income Benefits(for both children and adults)
* Disabled Widows Benefits
* Disabled Adult Child Benefits
* Auxiliary Benefits

Which Benefit Is Best for You?

It may not be easy to determine which type of Social Security benefit in Missouri is best for you. Since each type of benefit is different from the other, it is absolutely imperative to speak with an experienced attorney that understands the differences and can direct you appropriately. Even if they cannot help you themselves, they can tell you which program you should apply for.

Useful Opinions from Other Agencies

Different types of disability benefits may require input from other agencies. This can include the VA, Department of Health and Human Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, as well as other agencies. While their opinions may not be required to be approved for disability, records from these agencies can be helpful and support a Social Security disability case in Missouri. This evidence can be used when filing an application or during the appeals and hearing process, if necessary. These opinions may not determine whether you are disabled or not, but they can be useful assets that aid the process of your claim.

Different Standards of Disability

SSDI and SSI benefits are the most common disability benefits. SSDI benefits are paid to disabled workers who have worked and paid enough taxes into the system (typically 5 of the last 10 years), and their monthly benefit amount is based on their earnings history. SSI benefits are paid to disabled people who did not work long enough to be insured for SSDI benefits, and the SSI benefit amount is set by Social Security in Missouri. Some clients receive both SSDI and SSI benefits, depending on their work history, their household income, and their SSDI benefit amount. There are also a number of other disability programs that claimants may qualify for, depending on their situation. When you have the services of a skilled disability attorney, they can help you through the process and make sure you apply for and go through the appeals process for the correct disability benefit type.

The Grundy Disability Group LLC offers expert legal advice concerning different Social Security benefits in Missouri. Make sure you understand all of your disability benefit options when you discuss them with skilled and professional attorneys.

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