Determining Rideshare Accident Claims Can Be Completed by a Lawyer

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Lawyers

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Ridesharing has become a popular concept and an excellent way to get from one location to another without using your vehicle. However, utilizing this service still makes you susceptible to getting involved in a car wreck. If you are using this type of service and become involved in a wreck, it’s best to consult with a lawyer who understands how to deal with rideshare accident claims in Chicago. They are highly proficient in handling insurance companies and can help negotiate a fair settlement.

Has a Firm Understanding of Insurance Documents

When an accident occurs in a vehicle used for ridesharing, there will likely be an insurance company involved. If you’re injured in a wreck when using this service, it’s best to get assistance from a legal professional who works with rideshare accident claims in Chicago. They have a firm understanding of the insurance documents associated with this type of incident and can represent your best interests if you’ve been injured and deserve compensation.

Determining the Value of Injuries and Compensation

One of the complicated elements involved with an automobile wreck is determining the true value of your injuries and compensation. Getting assistance from a knowledgeable lawyer who works with rideshare accident claims in Chicago can help determine this figure. They’ll base the value on future and past medical bills, future lost income and lost wages and pain and suffering. If you’d like to consult with this type of legal professional, be sure to visit the Shea Law Group at

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